Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pumpkin Regatta (or however you spell it)

Okay, so I know that this is totally backtracking but I came across these pictures and felt that they were definitely blog-worthy and wanted to share. There is a little lake by our house and apparently they have started this wonderful tradition of racing 500 - 1000 pound pumpkins across it each year at Halloween time. What could be better, seriously. It was so much fun and the girls couldn't believe that people were really going to get in the pumpkins. They load them onto the lake with a forklift and then carve a hole big enough for them to climb in. These are pretty big men that have grown these pumpkins on their own farms. It was something!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well, I am finally getting around to thinking about the New Year. This January is starting off much better then our Januarys usually do (knock on wood). It seems as though we are always sick the entire month. Last year I went so far as to break my rib from coughing (of all the lame things). Right now we are healthy, happy and excited to start off this year! I'm sure I just jinxed us though. Okay, here's my list of the best and worst things about 2007.

1 - Justin graduating from med school (May 2007)
2 - Abby starting Kindergarten; Emma starting preschool
3- Oregon coast
4 - Moving to Portland
5 - Going to Samoa
6 - Camping in the Columbia River Gorge
7 - Trips to Seattle
8 - Trip to Utah for Christmas; Kev and Jill coming for Thanksgiving
9 - Swimming during a WARM summer
10 - My parents coming home from Samoa (from their mission)

WORST!(not to be negative :)
1- Breaking my rib from coughing
2- Leaving San Francisco and all our wonderful friends
3- Packing to move
4- Lots of overnight call for Justin
5- Getting Emma dressed (everyday)
6- Leaving Samoa
7- Car repairs (4 tows in 5 months)
8- More car repairs
9- My giant zit during the Wilkinson extended family photo (and my mom pointing it out and asking how long I've had it)
10- Getting pickpocketed by a man pretending to be blind as I helped him across the street.

Well, here's to another great year! We hope you all have a good one!