Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nostalgia . . .

Every once in a while I am hit with a major case of nostalgia. We love Portland, we are totally happy here. But we miss San Francisco too and when I think about it sometimes I get kind of melancholy. It was such a good time in our lives. The city was amazing and we feel so lucky to have lived there and experienced all we did during our 4 years there. I know we will feel the same way when we leave Portland. I was just going through some pictures and found a few of our favorite things about SF. 

Tidepooling - We absolutely LOVED going tidepooling. We can't wait to do it here at the Oregon coast. It was the girls very favorite thing to do and we went as often as we could (it didn't hurt that it was only about 20 minutes from our house and it was free!)

The Marin Headlands - right across the Golden Gate, about 10 minutes from our house. We loved to come out here and have picnics and enjoy the view of the bay. It was a perfect Sunday drive destination and we probably did it at least a few times a month.
The Palace of Fine Arts - This is my favorite place in SF. I love the architecture, it is so beautiful. It was my favorite place to go and walk around with Justin and the kids. I spent a lot of time there while we were in SF.
Alamo Square - Full House - what else can I say?

Friday, February 20, 2009


I'm sure that some of you can relate to this. I have a husband that thinks he's pretty funny. I will admit it, I am a super jumpy person. I get startled so easily and most of the time it just takes Justin walking in the door from work to scare me. Well, about Halloween time Justin found a new way to scare me to death. The rat. I've honestly never seen anything uglier. I don't know where he found it but one day it showed up under the sink and when I went to get the dishwasher detergent, I very nearly had a heart attack. I should have thrown it out while I could. Since then the girls have grown attached to the rat. They won't let me throw it away and I don't have the heart to do it when they aren't looking although I know I should because . . . the rat keeps rearing it's ugly head at times when I least expect it and most of the time now, it's the girls that are the instigators. Everyone is against me!

Monday, February 16, 2009

My Amazing Mom!

I just have to brag about my mom for a minute. I can't say enough about how wonderful I think she is. She is smart, talented, a wonderful mom and grandma. She is also super-crafty in all things. Something I aspire to but never seem to get the hang of. This Christmas she went crazy making gifts for everyone and we LOVE all of the things she made. I just had to show off a few of them. These matching aprons she made for the girls and me have made me so happy. I've never felt so cute while cooking and the girls are really motivated now to help out in the kitchen, which is good and bad :)

Here are the darling cupcake outfits she made for the girls. They love them and would wear them every day if I would let them. Thanks Grandma, we love it all!

Friday, February 13, 2009


I have been looking at pictures of the girls when they were babies and I'm thinking our kids are all related, whadya think?

Davis 4 months

Emma 2 months

Emma 2 months

Abby 2 months

Abby 2 months

I can't believe they were ever this little!

Monday, February 9, 2009

It goes on and on!

Yesterday . . . 

Justin was telling the girls all about Helen Keller (you know, he's really into eyes these days). So he gets done explaining all it and Abby says:

"I wish Jesus would have been there to, like, put some mud on her eyes or something."

Riding in the car to the zoo on Saturday:

"Mom, don't you just love those days when you're with your whole family, the sun is shining and everything just feels fresh and new and happy?" I sure do!

Friday, February 6, 2009

A few more Abby quotes!

I'm sorry, she just cracks me up. These are my favorite from today. 

 - "Mom thanks so much for the popsicle, you are the best mommy ever. I mean, where did you even get these, they're not even in season."

- (conversation with Justin after getting his hair cut) 
Justin to Lanie: "The problem isn't the hair cut, it's the receding hairline."
Abby: "I don't want your hair to fall out."
Justin: "Well, it is. It's all coming out."
Abby: "Well, pray then!"

If only it were that easy . . . 


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Nice Try!

On Saturday morning we were all sitting around the table, eating our pancakes and divvying (how in the world do you spell that word anyway?) up our Saturday morning chores. Abby gets her all-too-sweet look on her face, cocks her head and says, "I have an idea Mommy. How about for our chores Emma and I will play so so sweetly and quietly in our room and won't disturb you and Daddy at all while you clean." Nice Try Abby, it was very tempting!