Saturday, November 14, 2009

Halloween . . . Finally!

I knew I had to get these on the blog before Thanksgiving! I hope you all had a great Halloween. Justin laughs at me for saying that it is one of my favorite holidays, but it just is. I love it! I love the costumes, the decorations, the trick or treating, the Snickers, all of it. We had a great one this year. The girls are still young enough to love trick or treating and old
enough for us not to have to remind them to say thank you after each house. Here are a few pictures from the big night.

My little witches getting ready for trick or treating
Me and the Wizard
Yes, the legs were a little short when he's sitting down but I mean really, have you ever seen a cuter little lion, I couldn't stop squishing his little face!
Yes, it's true, I do get to cuddle him all day!
So, I do realize looking at this picture that Davis looks a little out of place . . .
Hope you all had a good one!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A few recent gems . . .

I know I really should be posting Halloween pictures on here and I will get to that. But I wanted to share a few of the many crazy things that come out of Abby's mouth on a daily basis. That girl seriously cracks us up.

Abby: But Mom, you and Dad can just leave us here while you go out. We don't need a babysitter.

Justin: What would you do if we left you here alone? (don't worry, he wasn't really considering it, just curious what her answer would be)

Abby: (shrugging her shoulders) I dunno, probably just dance on the tables naked.

Okay, I must say here that she has never seen either of us do that or, to my knowledge, seen that in any movie or T.V. show. I don't know where she comes up with this stuff. We got a babysitter by the way!

Next one:

Lanie: Abby, I really want you to take it easy today so you can get better soon!

Abby: (looking at me with a bored look) Really Mom, I thought I was going to an Extreme Tree-Climbing Competition today.

Thanks for always making us laugh Abby!