Monday, August 30, 2010

Olympic National Park

We just got back from a dreamy week-long camping trip and let me tell you, it was the Northwest at it's finest. Perfect sunny weather, gorgeous mountains, clear blue lakes, amazing hiking, hot springs and stunning coastline. Not to mention, dirty happy kids (oh and the adults weren't too clean either). I tried to trim down the number of pictures as well as I could but didn't do a very good job so bear with me.

Lake Crescent
Highlight of the hike at Lake Crescent
My crazy kids and their equally crazy and wonderful cousins
Have I ever mentioned how much I adore this girl?
This is pretty much what Davis and his cousin did the entire time - words can't describe the amount of dirt that was on these boys after a whole week of dumping dirt on their own heads
Sitting at the visitor's center at Hurricane Ridge - the views of the Olympics here were so stunning!
More from Hurricane Ridge - how I love those rugged mountain peaks
My men - Davis was so happy to sit there with daddy that I think he sat still for a whole 3 minutes
Day at the coast near La Push - yes Twilight fans, THE La Push. I found myself wishing I was a bigger Twilight fan so I could have enjoyed driving through Forks, Port Angeles and La Push a little more.
more beach - these logs provided a whole day of entertainment for the girls. As for Davis, he dug in the sand with his truck, surprised?
Lake Crescent repeat picture, sorry about that. But it's still pretty the second time.
This was the river at our campground. Davis spent all the time that he wasn't digging in the dirt, throwing rocks into the "riber".
Enjoying our nightly ritual.
One week camping + 3 kids = so much stuff that we could barely fit it in our huge minivan.
(This is out of order but this was our car when we left for the trip. It was ridiculous. I couldn't even see the kids in the back. It was kind of nice actually.)
Davis even read in the dirt.
Just a sidenote that this is the hammock that Justin bought for scout camp when he was twelve. We also used the pocket knife that he has had since he was twelve. Have I mentioned that Justin never gets rid of anything. He has an eraser that he used in 3rd grade that has his name written on it in Sharpie. He took it to his board exams last year. That's all.
More beautiful sites, and a cute little girl.
A week well spent! Thanks to my wonderful family for making such great memories!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Doing what we do at Bear Lake!

Okay, so we've been home from Utah for more than a couple weeks now, but we all know I am majorly behind on my blogging so I am just getting around to posting about our trip. While we were there, we spent a week in Bear Lake with my family. (Thank you Wilkinsons for letting us use your place!) We had a blast doing all the things you should do in summer - swimming, eating homemade ice cream, playing tennis, climbing, miniature golf, frisbee, a raucous game of kickball, etc., etc. It was wonderful and thank you again to my family for being so fantastic! We miss you all so much already!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mt. Hood Cherry Picking

One of my very favorite things about living in Portland is the fruit-picking. There are so many U-pick farms really close by and we LOVE to go and stock up in the summer. Last weekend we drove up to Mt. Hood and drove the Fruit Loop. The views of Mt. Hood were the best we've ever seen and the the cherry picking was amazing! We were a little worried about Davis after all the cherries and pits he ate but he handled it like a champ.