Monday, March 28, 2011

Happiest Place on Earth!

Ahh, what a great week we had at Disneyland! It only could have been made better by a little bit more sun and a little less rain but all in all, it was perfect. I actually think our kids do better in the cool weather than they do in warm weather. They are products of San Francisco and Portland weather and don't handle the heat very well. So the weather was actually perfect for them. We drove down (17 hours) from Portland and spent 4 days in Disneyland. Justin's parents met us there and it was a blast to have them with us. Justin's dad had his fancy camera there so I left most of the picture taking to him but haven't gotten those pictures yet so I thought I would post some of mine.

Davis' souvenir was this amazing battery-operated bubble blower. I'm not kidding, it filled the street with bubbles in a matter of seconds. He LOVED it!

I've decided that the girls are at the perfect age for Disneyland. They are big enough to go on everything and are old enough not to want to wait in line for all the characters :) They were so much fun on this trip and loved every ride!

Does he look happy or what?!

I think the ears they picked out fit their personalities perfectly and it made me so happy to see them wearing them around.

Enjoying the sun on Tom Sawyers island.

Too tired to even change into pajamas . . . we wore them out!

Ferris wheel with grandma!

Oh Davis was so excited to see these guys!

Waiting for the Bug's Life 3D movie.

Yes, I do still carry around my 40 pound 2 year old. He's my baby, okay!

Davis loved this "pataliller" train.

Oh how I love these kids.

Finding Nemo submarine.

Waiting in line with Grandma. On the first day as we were walking up to the security line Davis said, "I said I didn't want to wait in any lines!" Too bad, buddy!

Have you had these corn dogs from Disneyland? They are unreal. I won't say how many I ate while we were there.

On the Disneyland train. This was the first ride we went on. As soon Davis saw it when we walked through the gates, there was no way we were going to make it past without going on it. On the last day, Justin rode it 3 times in a row with Davis while the girls and I rode some "big" rides. I think Davis would have sat on it all day if we let him.


Enjoying some take out Chinese food in the hotel.

What I didn't get pictures of were: the amazing fireworks and light shows, Emma's priceless face on Tower of Terror, us drenched from the downpour, the "date night" Justin and I had in the park after Justin's parents took the kids back to bed, and all the squeals of joy from the kids!


JonJon said...

Have you read the children's book called "Love You Forever" about the mom who holds her son and sings him to sleep even as a grown adult? I'm thinking that's what Davis has to look forward to. :)

Lanes said...

I haven't read it Jon, but yes, it sounds like Davis' future for sure.

Kristi said...

So fun! I love it. And wow, in that ear picture, Emma is a mini-Justin! Wow! We just missed you! We'll be in Southern California this week! :o) Your family is so adorable. I wish they knew me. :o(

Emily S. said...

someday, someday we will do that. I've been wanting to do it forever..and please tell me Davis isn't really 40 lbs cuz Aidan is only 43...

PADA said...

These pics capture it all. The one of Davis and Lightning McQueen is priceless!!!!! They all are. Wish we had been there with you.

40 Ibs? We weighed Lilly and she is 39 lbs.