Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chicago - Final Day

Okay, we're coming to a close on the Chicago trip. When I stretch it out like this it seems like it was a lot longer than a week. The last day we were there I took a double decker tour and ended up back at the Museum Campus where I had been the day before so I could go to the Field Museum. The bus tour was great, the guide was super knowledgable and since I was the only one on the tour, except for about 4 minutes of it, I could ask all the questions I wanted. And I did. Surprise, surprise, I know.

I may look lonely on this bus all by myself but I was actually having a blast!
More Sears Tower, that thing is seriously tall. If you look really closely on the left side of the building you can see those little glass boxes I was standing in in the previous post.
Picture of Soldier Stadium as we drove by, this one's for my Bears Fan brothers!
The Field Museum was pretty incredible. They had the largest collection of taxidermied animals you could imagine. I didn't think I was so into taxidermied animals in general, but this was really something. We're talking elephants, giraffes, every sort of bird imaginable, armadillos . . . really everything. Like the zoo but better because they didn't move so you could really look at them.

This here is Sue the T-Rex. Sue is famous apparently because she is the largest, most extensive, and best preserved t-rex ever found. She was also auctioned off for over 8 million dollars, the most money ever spent for a dinosaur. She ended up in Chicago and this is me hanging out with her. She is pretty sweet.

This ended our last day in Chicago. Oh and we ate to-die-for seafood at Shaw's Crab house that night. It was a great way to end our trip! We made it home to our babies just in time, I was so ready to squeeze them! I don't think they much noticed that we were gone because they had so much fun with Grandma. She did take them to Baja Fresh and Taco Bell after all and they will love her forever for it!


Emily said...

i have been reading and drooling over your chicago posts. you look like you had so much fun! I love that you went and did so many things. so jealous. and you looked great doing it ;)

Mauri said...

Oh my! I love me some Chicago! We live just 5 hours from there and my aunt and uncle are there, so we've had a few chances to visit. LOVE the Shedd Aquarium and all things Magnificent Mile. You got to see some really cool things that we will have to check out on our next visit. Happy you got a kid-free week! So fun! (And I am sure Grandma Janet didn't mind too much either...;))

Anonymous said...

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